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Do you have real estate lead generation problem?

There is no such thing as a “Too Many Leads Problem”.

When you starting thinking like that, talking like that… the universe will listen and stop sending you leads.

You might have a “I have too many unmotivated leads” problem.

You might have a “I don’t know how to convert all these leads” problem.

You might have a “I have too many leads that don’t qualify for a mortgage” problem.

You might have a “All my real estate leads are mean and grumpy and I hate working with them” problem.

You might have a “None of my leads listen to my advice and wisdom” problem.

You might have a “All my real estate leads want me to show them a home at the drop of hat” problem.

You might have a “All my leads are completely unrealistic about the value…

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Getting More Focus To Be More Productive

Getting more focus to be more productive in your day doesn’t actually start at your day.

On the blog it is written that if you  are looking at getting more focus, make sure you have a big picture vision of what you want to accomplish in your business and life.

People might complain in different ways about why they get distracted. The may not know what to do during the day or get distracted by shiney objects and trendy ideas. They might get sidetracked by things that aren’t important but urgent. Or maybe they are just trying to do too many things.

If this is happening a good question to ask yourself is “What do you want your life, business and world to look like 5 years from now?”

Your answer to this big picture vision can’t be fuzzy or out of focus.

If you don’t have a clear picture, complete focus about this it will be difficult to have a clear picture about your day to day also.

Getting More Focus

If you want to get focused, and be more productive in your day you have to work on getting more focus about the long term.
You need to have a clear picture about what your life, business and world will look like in future. How to get focused is to get clarity on how you desire your world to look. Then work it backwards.

Bring that clear vision of your world and then work it backwards into your daily routine.

Tips on how to get focused at


New Construction In Marysville, WA | Marysville Meadows

With the burst of the real estate bubble, many people have dismissed the idea of homeownership right now. However, because of the uncertainty in the market and even  job stability, leasing is still the answer for many people.

But with home values making it more affordable and many options out there for the home shopper this might be the right time to buy. For the right property, the right buyer in the right situation, affordability has almost never been better.

So maybe it is logical to give some more thought to buying a home and taking advantage of this market. If you could become a homeowner and pay less for your mortgage each month then you pay for rent, would you? This blog talks about new construction in Marysville, WA.

Homebuilding construction company, Encore Homes is building homes in a development called The Meadows. The Marysville Meadows development offers great value for the cost. This community is almost 300 new construction homes and priced priced in low $160,000′s. Because of where these homes are located in northern Marysville, homebuyers would be able to apply for a USDA loan, which means no money down and no private mortgage insurance (or PMI)!

That makes these homes even more affordable!!!

So, with new construction, some fun amenities like soccer field, basketball court. etc. affordable pricing and the low mortgage rates right now,  your entire payment for one these new construction houses most likely will not be as high as renting.

Paying Rent

As a renter, where does your monthly mortgage payment go to?

Well, its all going to your landlord. And what does your landlord do with it? They are paying THEIR mortgage and probably pocketing some in their own accounts.

So you are truly already making payments on a mortgage, you just might not be getting some of the other benefits of it that your landlord is getting.

With new built houses like the Marysville Meadows, maybe you should give some more thought to buying a home right now.

Realtors Should Shift To Online Lead Generation

Realtors, do you consider your online lead generation as a serious component in their over business development strategy?

Where are you getting real estate coaching to implement your online lead generation?

The real estate shift 2.0 is happening and it’s my prediction that it will change business development, customer service and interaction with your clients.

Check out the real estate coaching for realtors and their housing prospects using The 1-2-1 Formula that blends social media, Blogging, SEO, marketing, prospecting and face to face appointments all in to one easy to bear in mind and simple to put into action formula. Blogging For Real Estate Agents

A big part of the 1-2-1 Business enterprise Development Approach involves using running a blog and articles creation as a part of your housing prospect era. Running a blog gives you credibility, learning opportunities, the capacity to develop community, concentrate your concept to a distinct spectator and get the local power on housing.

For Much more Data: Running a blog For Housing Agents
Sociable Advertising For Housing Agents

There appears to be a lot of sociable advertising experts, sociable advertising gurus and sociable advertising rockstars online suitable now. They all appear to be professing a similar thing, these folks can improve housing personnel and their housing business enterprise without having to do the old school uncomfortable ways of phoning expireds or FSBOs. Simply build the relationship online and business enterprise will flock to you.

Detest to burst your sociable advertising bubble, but merely due to the fact you realize how to use the processes doesn’t indicate you realize how to make use of them to become your housing business enterprise.

Discover how to determine which are the suitable processes for your housing business enterprise: twitter, fb, foursquare, gowalla etc. Identify where your spectator is at and after that put into action a sociable advertising tactic that is alignment with your complete prospect era strategy.

Yahoo Pay per click and Fb Ads For Housing Agents

I assume there is huge chance to use google ppc and fb ads in your housing prospect era strategy. Particularly once you mix these types of prospect era with your complete business enterprise progress strategy for your housing business enterprise. Utilizing google ppc or fb ads let a possible residence seller or residence customer to discover you that is not in the sociable advertising room or using key phrases on google to search that you do not standing for organically yet.

I additionally have been coaching housing personnel on how to greatest put into action an effective, holistic fb ad campaign with a fb fanpage prospect era strategy.

Local Lead Generation

I feel that triumph in life and housing sales involves the approval that issues are a contradiction. Ying and Yang. Using out one, one can’t have the other.

Once a realtor tells me regarding their housing business enterprise progress tactic and its all local, I say, “Stellar! How are you amplifying that business enterprise progress tactic online?”.

Once a realtor shares with me how the are using housing running a blog and sociable advertising in their business enterprise progress, I say, “Which’s amazing! How are you using that to interact with people local?”.

To me, one can’t have an online strategy without an local strategy for your housing business enterprise progress tactic. You do glimpse into how one can align which you are executing online with an local prospect era strategy. You additionally do glimpse into how one can consider old school local prospect era goal and reinvent them with online processes prefer housing running a blog, SEO and sociable advertising.

For example, if you are phoning FSBOs as a part of your prospect era strategy, to see regarding obtaining the listing…why not develop a landing post on your housing blogsite with a distinct URL. On that blogsite post one can give recommendations and tips to improve the For Sale By Owner with the deal of their residence. Once you call the For Sale By Owner for the listing appointment and the say “NO” invite them to check your consider offering blogsite landing post. Or one can send a postcard with your domain name of your blogsite landing post.

New SHIFT Tour kicks off this week!

SHIFT into Overdrive: The Tactics to Succeed Now

Back by popular demand, the SHIFT Tour is on the road again, and this time, we’re bringing a razor-sharp focus to the tactics that you need NOW! These are the tactics that are widening the gap between real estate agents who have chosen to shift and the rest of the pack. You will also hear from a local panel of top real estate agents who will share exactly what they are doing RIGHT NOW to tackle YOUR local market. Don’t get caught with your head in the sand! Get in the game.

Discover the action steps that top agents across the country are taking and the skills you need to defy the downturn:

  • Generating and Converting Leads
  • Pricing Ahead of the Market
  • Creating Urgency
  • Seizing the Market of the Moment
  • Managing your Money

Click here to find out when SHIFT is coming to a town near you!

SHIFT Podcast on iTunes

itunes-logo_002Looking for another way to tap into the business-building energy and power of SHIFT: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times? SHIFT the podcast is now available as a FREE download on iTunes.


Listen in as co-authors Gary Keller and Dave Jenks discuss the 12 tactics and provide a strategic vision for success in any market.


This weekly podcast will help you to keep building momentum to show the world that Keller Williams agents can survive and thrive during a downturn!


Download the SHIFT podcasts through your iTunes account, or go to www.itunes.comto download the free program. Once you open iTunes, go to the iTunes store and search for “Gary Keller” under the podcast tab in the business category and sign up to receive the SHIFT podcast today!

SHIFT Tactic #4 Find The Motivated-Lead Generation

Gary writes,

“You can “motive-aid” someone to help them better understand why they should consider buying or selling in this market, but you can’t motivate them. Their motives are their own. Their rationales or reasons are theirs and theirs alone. And since you can’t actually motivate people, your only choice will be to find more of them. So this is why you must now ramp up your lead generation, because there are less of the motivated to find.” (page 50 SHIFT)

Recently in Austin, Texas I was attending a class with former CEO of Keller Williams, Mo Anderson. Mo said something that sums this all up, “You need to develop the ability to talk to the right people.”

A huge part of the lead generation process is having the simple, powerful words to use so that you are the most effiecent and effective you can be with our message. Gary Keller says that,

“I saw that on top of being a “transaction knowledge and service business,” our industry is a “script and dialogue skill-based business.” I had to commit to getting onto the path of mastering these.” (page 52 SHIFT)

Scripts and dialogues. ARRRGHHH! Really? We need to master scripts and dialogues? That sounds awful! What is this sales? YES!!! It is!!!!

Gary Keller goes on to tell us that everyone should be mastering scripts and dialogues,

“It dawned on me that very few people have the perfect sales profile and that no one is truly a natural lead generator. The gift of gab should never be mistaken for natural sales skill. It became obvious to me that everyone has to master the specific and meaningful scripts dialogues, and skills of lead generation to be really successful.” (page 53 SHIFT)

So true! Just because you can talk, doesn’t mean you should! Less is more! For you HIGH I behavior profiles you might need to learn how to not talk so much. The HIGH C behavior will need to learn the scripts to feel confident with objections. The key in all scripts is being able to really listen to the client so you can help them with their needs, instead of trying to figure out what to say next.

Everyone uses scripts, some scripts are just better than others. My first time I remember working on a script, I was 7. I was riding home on the bus after getting in trouble at school, trying to figure out how to explain this to my parents. I rehearsed that script over and over again.

How good are your scripts? How much time are you investing in practicing your scripts?

Join us in the KW Everett market center at 8:15 every morning when we role play our scripts or join us online at


Session 4 – Mastering The Real Estate SHIFT

Taking Action SHIFT

Shift Tactic #1 Get Real, Get Right – Mindset And Action